Out door pet event in Toronto
May 27 saturday 28 Sunday.

野外ペットイベントが トロントでありますよーーー。


k9 perfect dental cleaning by Japanese specialist

Don't miss this special event !

We will have K9 teeth care specialist from Japan

She is the one of  top class K9 teeth care specialist in the world.

High quality method she will serve to Canadian dogs to help their teeth care.

There are limited spot. Please contact us for any question you have.

2017 June

16 Friday        Georgetown   9am - 6pm
17 Saturday    Toronto          10am -6pm---FULL...thank u so much. See u soon 😻😍
18 Sunday       Georgetown.  9am-  6pm...Almost full. First comes First serve 😄😺
19 Monday      Toronto          10am-6pm.   That will be gone very quick.

 Price  $170
30-45 minutes per  a dog
Appointment only

E mail me for book an appointment or question.

Hitomi ひとみ 
( drop @ )

Since I've lost my dog might cause by  his dental issue,
after I cried so hard I decided complete a dog hygienist corse in Japan.
Now I brought this skill to Canada to help Canadian dogs teeth care.
We will promise that we will help to care your 4 leggy far friends teeth as much as stay healthy.

ポコは 心臓疾患で 他界しました。
歯折した箇所の 歯髄を露呈したままにさせてしまった事(獣医師の判断でした) が
原因では無いかと推測します。その時に 自分達にできるベストの判断でした。
泣きまくった後、渡日、かねてより 勉強を始めていた 犬の歯科衛生士の学校へ戻り、
ポコは 助けてあられなかったけど、
カナダの犬ちゃんの歯を 一本でも健康に残してあげたいと思っています。


日本から 世界 トップクラスの技術を持つ 広瀬先生を お招きする事が決まりました。

ほぼ同額にて 日本国内で受けられる同等のサービスを提供いたします。

ご予約はお早めにお願いいたします。質問等ございましたら 是非 ご連絡くださいね。


What happen if I never clean or care my dogs teeth?

もしも 歯のケアをしなかったら??

Dogs Dental  plaque is combined with calcium and turns into tartar in about 3 days,
犬のプラークは カルシウムと混ざり合い、3日で歯石化します。

Tartar could cause gingivtis 
歯石は 歯周炎の原因となります。

Plaque and bacteria invade in between teeth and gum.
プラークと バクテリアは 歯と歯肉の間に入

It may cause periodontal disease.

Bacteria enter the bloodstream,those are 
delivered to the organs such as heart,liver and kidney.
バクテリアは 血流に乗り、心臓や、肝臓、腎臓などの臓器に届き、

And it is said that they cause various organ damages and infections diseases.

臓器にダメージを与えたり、感染 症など 様々な疾患を引き起こす可能性があります。



About our top hygienist

Mummy's Paw Top Hygienist

Miyako Hirose

Diploma of the preventive health care for the dog as the first Asian at  WELL ANIMAL INSTTTUTE  which is approved by the State of Cololado.Developing a business of the preventive health care of pets, Mammys Paws. Also learned the Canine Care Massage,which is said to be effective in the preventive health care at IAAMB certified "Canine Massage Chicago".After returning to Japan, Hirose created "Mammy's Paw Care Massage" for rehabilitation and health maintenance for dogs. Hirose has a contact with Phiten Co., Ltd. since 2011,and is involved in a wide range of activities such as development of pet products and offering massage classes,for "happiness and health of pet parents and dogs". IAAMB member. (International Animal Associate Massage & BodyWork)

Mammy's Paw トップセラピスト トップハイジニスト
廣瀬 美夜子

廣瀬 美夜子マミーズパウ代表 トップ ドッグハイジニスト/セラピスト
社団法人ドッグハイジニスト協会 代表

コロラド州公認「WELL ANIMAL INSTITUTE」初のアジア人として犬の予防医療を取得後、ペットの予防医療を中心とするサービス、Mammy’s Paw を展開する。

また予防医療の中でも効果的といわれるCanine Care Massageを学ぶため、IAAMB公認「Canine Massage Chicago」にてさらにマッサージ技術を学び、帰国後、犬のリハビリや健康維持のためにMammy’s Paw Care Massage を考案。


About k9 Perfect Teeth Cleaning by mammys paws Japanese spacialist

日本語は こちらをご覧ください。

Q. My dog is senior, obese or chronic diseases. Can he or She recieve it?

A. Yes.please let us know and consult.

Q. How often should he or she clean the teeth?

A. Every 6 months is the ideal. It's  possible for you and dog,because our service is all manual and we try hard as possoble to reduce dogs stress minimum and our service is set as reasonable price as about  $10 -15 / a months.

Q. What kind of tool do you use?

A. We perform teeth cleaning manually,without using machine. Quiet, and less damage their enamel .

Q Can you treat gingivtis or tooth extraction?

A. No,we perform only teeth cleaning and care as pet hygienist.

Q. To perform teeth cleaning is the qualification of veterinarian necessary?

A. No.a national qualfication is not required.
    Our top canine dental hygienist Miyako Hirose had learned teeth cleaning for pet  in a school in Cololad and after the internship,she performed it on dozens of dogs in various sizes and breeds.Then we  are certified by the authorized school. In addition, we received the certification as a person responsible for animal handling by the Tokyo Goverment. So that pet parents don't have to worry about letting us perform the teeth cleaning to the dogs.

Q I would like to stay with my dog during the teeth cleaning session.

A. In order to let the dog concertrate and to make the dog undestand the relationship between he/she and the canine dental hygienist. We perform the teeth cleaning on a one-to- one basis. The pet might get excited or fawn when he/ she sees the pet parent,and it makes the teeth cleaning difficult.

For those reasons, I would like the pet parent not to be with the pet during the teeth cleaning. We appreciate your understanding.